is down

We're sorry to inform you that the site is down. was a support site for the Debian GNU/Linux "universal operating system." The site's focus was generic, "common person" support and help for the Debian operating system (as opposed to more advanced support). The site's founder was Dr. Randy Edwards, a former compsci professor, one-time Debian package maintainer and overall Debian and Linux fan who saw the need for Debian to widen its appeal to common computer users.

During its prime (the late 1990s/early oughts) Google (spit) ranked as one of the top 100,000 busiest sites on the then-much-smaller and less corporate-controlled Internet. (Or was that just Google's pitch to carry their advertising?) militantly carried no advertising of any kind and emphasised user-to-user, community support. The site's tagline was "militantly FREE software support." ran on a variety of free software weblogs or content management systems, the most recent being Drupal. That was an odd choice of platforms (perhaps a forum would have been better), but it worked. Essentially being a one-person show, health problems forced the site's closure.

Today, for web-based Debian GNU/Linux online support I'd recommend you go to

The current domain is presently active. If any Debian fan is interested in obtaining the site, contact "" outlining your ideas for the domain name.