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How to Auto-BackUp Your WhatsApp Data to Google Drive with Encryption

The Hacker News -

What if your phone suddenly slips into a bathtub? Maybe you'll end up losing all your important data, more specifically, your WhatsApp photos, videos, Voice Notes and Chat Data that flows through your chats. Sounds scary, isn't it?  <!-- adsense --> But, now you need not worry if your phone suddenly died or broke – Thanks to the new integration to your favorite messaging app WhatsApp

NSF Awards $74.5 Million To Support Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Research

Slashdot -

aarondubrow writes: The National Science Foundation announced $74.5 million in grants for basic research in cybersecurity. Among the awards are projects to understand and offer reliability to cryptocurrencies; invent technologies to broadly scan large swaths of the Internet and automate the detection and patching of vulnerabilities; and establish the science of censorship resistance by developing accurate models of the capabilities of censors. According to NSF, long-term support for fundamental cybersecurity research has resulted in public key encryption, software security bug detection, spam filtering and more.

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