Any options for photoshop?

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Been using photoshop for some time, but was wondering if there are some other similar worthwile programmes?

Re: Any options for photoshop?

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Yes, you'll want to examine the GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program). The user interface is different from Photoshop and the GIMP doesn't do vector graphics. But it is a very powerful, professional-quality photo program.

As I recall, Dreamworks does all of its photo editing not on Photoshop like most film studios, but on a version of the GIMP. Several well-know animated movies have been not only had the movie's rendering done on GNU/Linux, but the actual pictures of the animation also done on Linux using the GIMP.

And, needless to say, the GIMP is packaged for Debian.

Re: Any options for photoshop?

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Yes Gimp.

And for vector stuff have a look at dia - great tool for creating diagrams.

Inkscape and Scribus for making posters (as in scientific posters)