How To Back Up MySQL Databases With mylvmbackup On Debian Squeeze

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mylvmbackup is a Perl script for quickly creating MySQL backups. It uses LVM's snapshot feature to do so. To perform a backup, mylvmbackup obtains a read lock on all tables and flushes all server caches to disk, creates a snapshot of the volume containing the MySQL data directory, and unlocks the tables again. This article shows how to use it on a Debian Squeeze server.

The Debian Administrator's Handbook is now available

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The Debian Administrator's Handbook is now available in an online format, as a 495 page paperback book, and also as an e-book in PDF, EPUB, and Mobipocket formats.

The handbook's authors are two Debian developers — Raphaël Hertzog and Roland Mas — so you can have some assurance that they probably know what they're talking about. Smile

Virtual Users & Domains With Postfix/Courier/MySQL/SquirrelMail (Ubuntu 12.04)

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This document describes how to install a Postfix mail server that is based on virtual users and domains, i.e. users and domains that are in a MySQL database. I'll also demonstrate the installation and configuration of Courier, so that Courier can authenticate against the same MySQL database Postfix uses. The resulting Postfix server is capable of SMTP-AUTH and TLS and quota. Passwords are stored in encrypted form in the database. In addition to that, this tutorial covers the installation of Amavisd, SpamAssassin and ClamAV. I will also show how to install SquirrelMail as a webmail interface.

Encrypt Your Data With EncFS (Debian Squeeze/Ubuntu 11.10)

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EncFS provides an encrypted filesystem in user-space. It runs without any special permissions and uses the FUSE library and Linux kernel module to provide the filesystem interface. It is a pass-through filesystem, not an encrypted block device, which means it is created on top of an existing filesystem. This tutorial shows how you can use EncFS on Debian Squeeze/Ubuntu 11.10 to encrypt your data.


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