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This page is a demonstration of VotingAPI's integration with the Views module. It's set up to display nodes sorted by point ratings, the style used by the Plus1 and VoteUpDown modules.

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armaguedon94 wheezy 4 years ago 0 points
armaguedon94 Preseed 4 years ago 0 points
arochester Why does your Contact/Feedback button not work 1 year ago 0 points
Around In Circles SOAP request with certificate does not work on debian lenny, but does on local xampp test server 4 years ago 0 points
atb990 Kernel Build Takes Excessive amount of time 3 years ago 0 points
Aurum Why is screen blank during install 2 years ago 0 points
axeluhl NFS locking up after fresh install when starting UI 4 years ago 0 points
b0mmer Debian Jessie Dynamic IPv6 prefix issue 5 months ago 0 points
bcargile basic log-in question 5 years ago 0 points
berkah Internal laptop keyboard dead at login (only) 4 years ago 0 points